Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) is an intervention for chronic back and/or leg pain that can be an effective alternative treatment for patients that have failed other therapies including injections and/or back surgery to manage their pain. An implanted spinal cord stimulator delivers small electrical signals through a lead implanted in the epidural space. This interrupts the pain signals that travel between your spinal cord and your brain. Instead of pain, patients should feel up to 50% or more relief.

Before a SCS is permanently implanted, a trial placement is performed first. The trial last for 72 hours to ensure adequate pain relief is obtained of 70% or greater. Once the trial is successful then a SCS is permanently implanted. The battery can last up to 10 years and simply replaced with another one at the conclusion of ten years. The patient able to enjoy an improve quality of life with an implant.

Sedation is provided for patient comfort. For the procedure to be as safe as possible, an x-ray technique known as fluoroscopy is used to position the needle accurately.

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