Randy M.

“I couldn’t ask for a more caring group of professional workers. Everyone is caring and concerned with the pain and problems I have.”

Sandra M.

“Everyone here has always been kind and respectful. My provider always listens and addresses my concerns and cares about my well-being. Thank you!”

Judy F.

The bests in health care. They help with all my care. I am disabled and older now and APS takes good care of me.”

Judith P.

“I am treated with respect. They are very helpful here.”

Jason C.

“Good staffing and environment.”

Catherine C.

“My provider Lindsey is so professional and explains all my options and has the great ability to listen to me!”

Jeannie W.

“I always have excellent experiences at Associated Pain Specialists. The wait is almost always short. The staff is friendly and accommodating. My provider is ready to talk to me when she comes in the door. She tries to understand all my issues, and to find solutions to the problems that I present. I have never had, nor do I foresee any complaints coming up over my care.”

Shannon M.

“I am very happy with my pain management and my doctors. Through our collaboration, I have been able to manage my chronic pain with physical therapy along with medication. I am so grateful to the APS for their help!”

Tammy M

“Lindsey is a great provider. She listens to you and then we make a plan. I am very thankful to have her as part of my care team.”

Sandra M.

“The provider is always willing to go above and beyond to help me with all my pain.”

Mark P.

Overall great professionalism of all receptionists, nurses, and doctors. Very pleased with everyone there!!! Thanks to each and everyone who works there!!!

Marion R.

“I love Jennifer, my provider, she’s always easy to talk to and very attentive.”

Randy M.

“I have never had a group of medical professionals take the time and car that these do. They care about each patient and do everything they can to make sure I am comfortable and helped when I need it. I could never ask for a better group. Yes they take the precautions to make sure that medications are not abused but they also try to make sure I have what I need to survive. My thanks go to each and every one of the members who are there for me each month!.”

Deborah C.

“I’ve always been treated with courtesy, professionalism and respect by the front office, nurses and Dr. Jennifer Stacy. Dr. Stacy patiently listens to my issues, answers all my questions, and is the kindest doctor I’ve ever known. Never do I feel rushed or like another number. APS is devoted to their patients having quality of life.”

Jennifer P.

“Everyone is always very professional and polite.”

Shawn B.

“Absolutely no pain in my elbow after injection..”


“Super sweet staff here at APS.”

Nancy B.

“I received excellent care for my procedure ( radio frequency ablation). The nurses and doctors are very kind and caring!”

Teresa L.

“Stacy did fine. The office transferred a prescription in a quick and timely basis..”

Wayne M.

“I was extremely happy with everyone there.”

Irina K.

“I am very happy that people working there care for me.They did for me more within a few months then others for many years. As an example, I did my recommended MRI after first time mentioned, when other doctors never hear me and never care for many years and never found time and wishes to care. And as result of APS, I finally got a necessary surgery help faster. Without the help of APS I would have to wait for many years to do this. This is only one an example of many others. Thank you to all the workers.”

Robert M.

“Staff is always respectful , kind , and courteous ”

Richard M.

“I appreciate all that APS has done for me!”

Dawn P.

  “I always feel comfortable knowing I’m getting great care here.”

Janie W.

“Every one has always treated me well and it’s always a professional experience. I am thankful to have someone who listens and address my issues!”

Mel H.

“I was initially dreading my appointment thinking it would be horrendous. Well the nurse and assistant calmed me right down. They talked me through the whole procedure and made me feel so much more at ease. I really had a great appointment. Thank you APS!!”


“Staff was very patient with my mobility issues.”

Kim C.

“Everyone I came into contact with was very professional & courteous as well as friendly. I felt very comfortable with each person that I spoke with and was shown the utmost respect. Would and have highly recommended this facility to family and friends.”

Timothy S.

“I am very happy with the care I am receiving from this clinic.”

Theodore S.

“Everyone I’ve met here is so pleasant and caring you have great people everything is very good.”

Linda R.

“Real friendly people.”

Roberta M.

“You can’t beat the staff on the procedure side. They are the best. In the past, I have had problems relaying how extensive the areas of my body are in pain each and every day but I think we are making headway on that issue. I could just circle my whole body and be done with it but we have to work with one area at a time and that can get very frustrating when you have so much pain everywhere. Thanks everyone. I appreciate each and everyone if you for everything you do.” 

Roger E.

“I have come to know the people that work there, they are always nice and make me comfortable”

Melinda F.


Toni F.

“I was in there fast in out n everyone was very nice to me.”

Melinda F.

“Everything is great.”

Jon H.

“She was very professional and treated me with respect. She didn’t assume I just wanted medication and gave me trigger points that gave me much needed temporary relief until I can get on track for our next visit. I can’t wait to see her again! Very friendly and helpful!.”

Kimberly L.

“I was very satisfied with my first visit here. I would recommend APS to friends who need this type of help that they can’t receive from their regular doctor’s office that can’t give the type of care that this clinic offers.”

Vicky M.

“When I started coming to Associated Pain it was almost 3 years after a very serious accident. They significantly changed my life, it went from being in extremely serious pain to the point where all I could do is lay around and cry, could not get up, could not move. Now I have a little bit more of a normal life. I had the spinal cord stimulator installed by Dr. McLemore, and it’s significantly changed my life, cutting my pain in half. I highly recommend them, they’re very personable and go above and beyond to help you manage your pain.”

Tonya J.

“The staff is always so great!”

Brandon M.

“Great staff and very professional.”

F. M.

“They were very understanding and accommodating.”

Amber F.

“I appreciate APS so much.”

Rex F.

“Good People.”

Delta S.

“My provider, Courtney Travis, always takes time to answer any and all questions and concerns that I have!!”

Greg P.

“Awesome staff and the Doctors are very kind and compassionate towards their patients needs … Through different treatment plans , Jennifer Stacey has found ways to alleviate most of my chronic pain so i can live a better life … I dont believe i could have found a better doctor in East Tennessee to treat my pain..”

Peggy N.

“The nurses go above and beyond themselves to help the patients.”

Cindy G.

“All the staff at APS are always helpful”

D. V.

“My doctor is very nice and understands my needs. Soon I go back into surgery, not looking forward to it but just from spending some time with her, I know she’s got my back to help me with my needs. Thank you so much for helping me.Thank you for the sense of caring so much. You don’t see that in a lot of places anymore. When you’re hurting it’s nice to feel the compassion.”

Cheryl B.

“I have always been treated wonderful here.♥️

Amber F.

“All of the employees are amazing!”

Dora T.

“I am very pleased with everyone at APS. Thanks so much. ” 

Annie R.

“Very nice workers here.”

Jonathan T.

“Very nice doctors and people.”

Lora O.

“Always a good visit!”

Lora P.

“Everything at my visit was exceptional.”

Lisa H.

“The front staff was terrific, friendly, and very prompt with their check in procedures and my wait time was amazingly short!!! The initial nurse was so efficient & professional as well as very nice. My provider is Samantha who REALLY IMPRESSED me with her knowledge and her thorough coverage and knowledge of my extensive medical records upon seeing me. She (Samantha is quite amazing) and I truly felt she recognized my issues and grasped the severity of my situation and orthopedic mobility issues”

Priscilla S.

“Jennifer, my provider, is the best, So compassionate and easy to talk to.”

Troy S.

“They are very caring and truly concerned about my pain and treatment.
Matthew Grimm APN treats me like a human being and ask me questions and listens to me .Thank you for your help. Very happy with the help I’ve received at APS.”

Paul M.

“Very friendly staff at APS.”

Gary L.

“Always a professional, friendly staff providing the best care possible!”

Priscilla S.

“Compassionate , empathetic, friendly,, the ablation works wonders and Jennifer is so easy to talk to.I never feel rushed or like I’m not important..”


“The nurse/med assistant that gathered my info was extremely nice and made my visit much more pleasant.”


“Ms. Thomas (the PA) was very professional. She answered all my concerns regarding epidurals, and pain medications. I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of everyone within the office.”

David W.

“Everyone at APS is amazing! The check in is easy, without a very long wait. Doctors listen to you, and ask if anything is going on medically. The check out is super fast on most days and the desk staff are always super nice.”

Mark H.

“Was in and out in no time.”

Dawn P.

“Great staff and great care at APS.”

Cindy R.

“Great staff. Everyone goes above and beyond to make each visit a good one. Very caring people from the front desk to the doctors.”


“I have never been to a pain clinic. I was worried about the stigma surrounding it. I was treated very well by the entire staff. Also they made me feel comfortable about the upcoming procedure of nerve ablation. I really think that will go a long way in treating my pain. I think I will really like being at APS.”

Tony A.

“I love Dr. Stacy. She gets right to the point. We did stem cell injections in my back on 2/25/21 and I was so excited it makes you feel so good afterwards. Thank you APS”

Gary L.

“Always a friendly and courteous staff at APS!”

Pamela B.

“They are all very efficient and professional at APS. I am looking for relief from my pain but cannot take opioids for my job. I appreciate that they don’t try to push opioids on me.”

Keisha B.

“Everyone is great I never have to wait long. My providers are very great to me and they are super thorough and I never feel rushed.”

Kerri K.

“Miss Jennifer conscientious patient provide. Unlike most she shows compassion for those who are truly hurting acknowledgment of treatments not just drugs. She has excellent communication skills and talks with the patient to seek alternative treatments..”


“Very informative and helpful.”

Roy H.

“Staff are very friendly from the check in throughout the visit. And wait times are seriously diminished very little waiting in a room I like that The NP are so fun and nice although I’m hurting they keep me smiling I enjoy the time I spend with them because they make a doctor visit a pleasure to me. Thank you ladies I am proud of all of you.”

Joshua R.

“She is great at trying to control my symptoms and she takes time to listen to what I need. I will stay with her and keep going there for my help.”

Christina D.

“He was very respectful and caring i felt so comfortable with his care he was very knowledgable also.”

Nancy B.

“Courtney Travis is a very understanding health care professional. She is very knowledgeable and offers solutions for my painful joints.”

Theodore S.

“Everyone was very pleasant and knew what they were doing. APS has a great staff.”

Kimberly P.

“Everyone in the office are really great and respectful.”

Bobby M.

“Everything has gone so well each time I have had an appointment here.”

Tony A.

“The Doctor an nurses or very professional an very knowledgeable of the work being done.”

Darline B.

“At APS they are all very polite from check in to checkout”

Darlisa C.

“Everyone is always so nice and polite I love coming to APS”

Terry R.

“I have always been treated with nothing but respect, and never had any problems”

Gladys C.

“Wait time is minimal, excellent service, safe.”

Tonya J.

“They are so nice to their patients..”


“They are very friendly and helpful and explained what they could do to help you so you could easily understand what they were saying. Everyone was friendly and helpful.”

David H.

“Doctor was really nice and all the people in the office were nice.

Alvin W.

“It was great didn’t take much time staff was friendly.”

Cindy R.

“The staff and providers are awesome. I’ve been going there for several years. My concerns are always answered. The girls at the front desk are so polite and willing to help in any way. They are all very friendly and professional. I feel they all have a true concern about my issues and doing what needs to be done to help me with my day to day life. Thanks to all.”

Theodore S.

“You have a great staff here. Couldn’t ask to be treated any better they know what they’re doing.”

Alicia S.

“Everything here is great!!”

Pamela D.

“Very short wait time for appointment the provider was very knowledgeable of my condition and treatment needed very nice experience.”

Catherine C.

“I appreciated how quickly I was called back and saw a provider. Very helpful staff.”

Greg S.

“Great you do an outstanding job. Thanks APS”

Theodore S.

“Everyone i met has been so pleasant and helpful i would like to say thank you for all your help”

Traci M.

“I could not be more Thankful and appreciative for Samantha… she’s just an excellent provider. Very understanding, knowledgeable and caring. Staff is always great here.”

Michelle M.

“Very happy with treatment at APS.”

Marianne S.

“Only good experiences at APS.”

Tony A.

“Very professional and courteous.”

Peggy N.

“The staff went out of their way to help me even with it pouring down rain.”

Ron S.


Brandea M.

“Always helpful and friendly staff!”

Bandelyn M.

“I feel very cared for by all the staff. Thank you for all you do..”

Rachell L.

“This is my first time doing business with Dr. Stacy and I have to say I’m very pleased with her and the staff. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a p.m Dr.”

Charles P.

“Everything is better than expected. I was waiting at my previous clinic for 3 hours to see a dr, but here at APS I’m in within 15 minutes of my scheduled time. They have helped me with my problems and are very fast at getting me into specialist when needed.”

Nicole L.

“Everyone here is very friendly.”

Brandon M.

“This place is super clean and professional.”

C. M.

“The doctors and staff were amazing!”

William S.

“Very nice staff.”

Cheryl H.

“Happy with my visits at APS.”

Warren P.

“Experience overall was good. Kayla was pleasant to deal with. I just hope I’m able to get the help I need until I can have surgery after the first of the year..”

Brenda M.

“Thanx for the great care and pain relief.”

Linda H.

“New to the area only had a couple appointments but it’s been a great overall experience.”

Robin J.

“Everyone here at APS is great. I’ve been coming for a while. Never have I ever worried about my health provider.”

Linda H.

“My husband is active duty army and we moved here a couple months ago away from the normal army base. So this is the first time I’ve been handling my medical care in a sort of “civilian” way since we don’t have a local army base and healthcare. Every visit to APS has been outstanding and I couldn’t ask for better care. From start to finish everyone is wonderful, personable and knowledgeable. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Vickie S.

I’m very pleased with my treatments with Associated Pain!”

Penny K.

“I love the professional care I receive from Jennifer Stacy NP..”

Bobby L.

“Very professional.”

Donald B.

“GREAT SERVICE! People working there are always polite and helpful. THANKS GUYS AND GALS.”

Tony A.

“Doctor or excellent.willing to help in any way.get you in an out in a timely manner..”

Jeffery F.

“Everything here is great.”

Franklin N.

“APS has helped me through all my medical problems. They are the clinic I suggest to everyone I know. Thank you.”

Rebecca J.

“Everything is good here, thank you!”

Lisa L.

“Yes, I get excellent care from these providers. I would be completely non-functional without my pain management treatment plan from these doctors. They know the extreme pain that I face 24/7 as a result of uncontrollable, intractable bone and nerve pain.”

Lisa B.

The ladies upfront at the check in are very nice. They recognize me each and every time I have an appointment. I love the lady who does check in and out for the procedures and the staff on that side

Donna C.

“Very efficient, caring, and professional. Providers makes sure all my needs are meet and all questions are answered. Very fortunate to have APS as my provider.”

Pamela B.

“Just a consultation first visit. Cannot really say if it will help if not until there is some treatment.”

Lori A.

“Everyone at Associated Pain are wonderful! They always go out of their way to be helpful and accommodate any need I have for my visit! Jennifer Staley is a literal God send! She always takes the time to listen and goes way above what is necessary to help her patients!”
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Susie C.

“The staff is very professional and friendly.”

Loretta C.

“I don’t have any concerns when I’m with APS. I am well pleased with all everything.”

Theodore S.

“Everyone is so pleasant and understanding. They really know what they are doing. I’d just like to say thank you to all of them.”

Craig M.

“Kind and quick. Treated me with compassion. Thanks.”

Millicent S.

“They listen and truly care.”

Brenda S.

“I have now been a patient for approx 6 months. I’ve not had one bad experience. The staff are very courteous & considerate. I have very little wait. I am a very happy with APS!”

Tony A.

“My doctor was very professional and courteous. I appreciate everything they do to help me.”

W. B.

“I was pleasantly surprised, as I had no idea what to expect. I would definitely recommend APS!”

Erika F.

“I have personally only have good things to say about this provider. They are seeing individuals who have individual needs and they take their time.”

Mary N.

“Very satisfied. The nurses, reception staff, and providers are very professional and I find my level of care to be excellent.”

Cynthia W.

“Great place to go.”

Deborah C.

“Jennifer Stacy is the most compassionate, knowledgeable medical professional I’ve ever met. She listens to all my questions and concerns, and addresses each issue in terms I can understand. Can’t say enough about her, she’s a credit to the medical field. If it weren’t for Jennifer, each day would be a struggle to get through. The front desk staff, especially Rachel, as well as the nurses are kind, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend Jennifer Stacy and APS.”
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Tanya C.

“My provider is the sweetest!!”

Sondra F.

“Friendly receptionists, nurses, and doctors. Excellent care by all providers. They all show personal concern for my well being.”

Jan C.

“Everyone was so nice and professional. I appreciate everyone at APS. They treat you like people – not just get you in and out. So thankful for the help and that I come there.”

April H.

“I have felt at all of my visits that the staff have been very helpful, courteous and very knowledgeable. Thank you for giving the best care!”

Jennifer D.

“She was very helpful. She didn’t make me feel like I was a waste of time..”

Allen S.

“Thank God for a place like APS where I can get help.”

Judith R.

“She was very informative. She talked to me instead of at me like other Drs have in the past. Easy to talk to. She put me at ease with what is going on with my back..”

Callie D.

“Amazing staff and the wait time is great! Thanks for all the help and the way they care and treat you as a patient! It truly makes a difference!”

Bradley P.

“Dr Ussery was very professional and very good bedside manner had issues getting an iv for sedation so they give me a 10mg valium and went into procedure room for bilateral SI joint Injections and the right side went well then the left SI Injection was bad from inflammation in the joint but I will be having sedation through the IV from now on Dr Ussery is One of the best anesthesiologist in the Knoxville tricities area he knows his business.”

Tawnyia F.

“I love to come to my visits at APS and I like my doctors and I like the staff. Thank you”

Ann S.

“She listens to your pain problem.”

Bonnie L.

“The staff is always so friendly and respectful. The doctors are listeners and treat you so good. Overall this is a wonderful place to go.”

Jonathan T.

“Very nice, good & friendly doctors at APS.”

Karen M.

“The office people are great and my current provider is an excellent healthcare giver. It only took 45 mins from walking in the door and checking out at the end of the appointment. I recommend this healthcare facility.”

Dennis S.

“Great customer care.”

Elizabeth S.

“I’m very thankful for the quality of service I get when I’m at Associated Pain Specialists. Very helpful and polite.”

Tony A.

“The staff an Drs. We’re very professional.it is a pleasure to see an get promp service.”

Robin J.

“It was great. I have no problems with my health care here.”

Thompsie F.

“My appointments have always been very excellent from check in to check out!!!”

F. Malinovsky

“I was really impressed by the nurses at the APS. They seemed genuinely concerned and interested in helping me. The NP that saw me was wonderful and took the time to explain my treatment to me and felt really reassuring. I would definitely recommend people dealing with chronic pain to visit this clinic and I’m happy I got referred here.”

David E.

“Very professional and friendly staff. They really care about the patients.”

Donald G.

“The staff and providers are very nice and always treat us so well.” 

Chasity B.

“Great, friendly environment.”

Martha D.

“This was my first visit ever and they helped me out quite well. I appreciate their quality and care they showed me.”

Nicole C.

“The staff is very pleasant.”

Robin J.

“I have had no problems at all with APS. I had injections done and couldn’t be put to sleep but they did give me something to calm me down. They are great with people at Associated Pain Specialists”

Margaret B.

“My visits there are always pleasant. The staff is very friend and helpful when needed. Keep up the great work..”

Delores R.

“I have been coming down to APS now for several years and everyone has always treated me with the most kindness and respect. I really appreciate everyone at APS very much you don’t find that everywhere you go and I do appreciate that very much.”

Mel H.

“I have been treated exceptionally well. They have went above and beyond to take care of my pain. My provider, Lindsey always makes sure she answers all my questions and concerns. I love Lindsey!!”

Kerri K.

“Jennifer is a understanding provider and has a personality that’s compassionate and professional..”

Allen S.

“For myself I would not change anything about my care at APS”

Karen L.

“Overall good experience.”

Allen S.

“I would recommend APS to my family and friends.”

Darlisa C.

“Everyone is so very nice and very respectful when you come in. I really love seeing everyone when I come into the clinic.”

Dennis S.

“Excellent service.”

Mel H.

“I can tell they try very hard to keep my pain at a minimum. Great doctors and staff.”

Darrell D.

“Miss Rachel is very thoughtful and caring. Well pleased!.”

Kenneth B.

“APS is super professional. My provider sat down and listened to me. He was a very professional guy. I could tell he was concerned about my health.”

Marjorie K.

“Have had a great experience with APS.”

Heather M.

“This is an absolutely amazing place. The providers here really care about my pain and my level of comfort.”

Irina K.

“Thank you to everyone who works in this place and takes care of people like me. For those who need real help, you all make our life little bit easier.”

Shirlene J.

“It’s great all the people that work at APS are great. thank you!”

Juanita G.

“Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Super helpful.”

Kemp W.

“I am always treated in a kind and professional manner by all of the staff.”

Jazz M.

“Definitely wasn’t what I expected every one was nice and super helpful.”

Sharon Z.

“The front office is absolutely the start of a pleasant experience. Everyone in the office is willing to work with my disabilities to make sure my needs are met. I cant say enough good about Associated Pain Specialists.”


“I felt heard and understood. I already had 2 physical therapy appts my provider referred me to. It has helped soo much. I am soooo happy with my treatment here at APS.”

Tammy M.

“Very excellent. They treat patients with so much dignity and respect. Very nice staff always.”

Kimberly P.

“Everyone at APS is wonderful and helpful.”

Barbara H.

“Very satisfied with the treatment of my pain management, very satisfied.”

Linda R.

“Everyone at APS is so friendly and caring.”

Brandon M.

“APS is clean and caring!”

Shirlene J.

“They are all sweet here. Thank you APS.”

Lisa H.

“Samantha is a wonderful doctor and is always very attentive to all my issues and needs. She is very kind as well as professional. I am blessed to have such excellent healthcare and the office staff is also terrific at APS”

Lori E.

“I am very glad to be a patient at APS. I get in and out in a short time!”

Susan M.

“Jennifer is always amazing and understanding with my medical needs. She always does a great job and truly cares.”

Sandra W.

“Excellent staff.. Its enjoyable 2see Dr. Odell & staff.. Dr. Odell is always looking for medical advancements to help me manage my pain & for that I’m extremely grateful. My nurse is wonderful.. She is a delight to talk to & has mastered getting bloodline hooked up from me. I’m a terrible stick.. I think the staff is outstanding & i will remain here for my pain management needs as long as they will have me & i need them. Thank you all Very Much for your help & understanding.”

Jill P.

“Courtney, my provider, was excellent with my check-in and history review. My doctor addressed my concerns. I feel optimistic for the first time in years.

Patricia H.

“This was the first time I’ve seen Sam and she was way above average and had obviously gone over my case in depth before she saw me. She was just new and it takes me a minute to settle in but was great.” 

Lori A.

” I have always been treated wonderfully at Associated Pain Specialists. Everyone there always works to make sure my issues are as resolved as they possibly can be. The providers, nurses and staff are all professional and caring!”

Ollie L F.

“Everyone was very helpful..”

Lisa C.

“I saw Jennifer this time and she always takes her time. She listens to all my concerns.”

Reda P.

“Everyone does a good job here.”

Bethanne D.

“She listened to me, something that my previous clinician refused to do. After a year of begging for the previous place to address my hip pain and neuropathy and being completely dismissed, my questions not even answered or acknowledged (seriously, like she didn’teven hear me), I switched to this clinic. Immediately, the NP recommended physical therapy, which I had been trying to get a referral for ever since my child was born (she is nearly 4). While I am fighting insurance now to find out what exactly is the issue, at least I have a plan. Pain and neuropathy and other health issues took my avionics engineer career from me but I feel now there is some hope to return to a functional, if not normal, life.”
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Lori E.

“I had a very short wait time. I was in and out within an hour. That was very nice.”

Gladys C.

“Great service.”

Roberta M.

“The staff here are all very nice.”

Catherine C.

“Lindsey is quite thorough and informative- I appreciate her & the APS team very much”

Jeannie W.

“Wait time was excellent this trip. Lindsey handled my questions and concerns and made changes to fix the problem. Nurses and staff are always cheerful and a delight to be around. Reception staff helps me out to whomever is waiting for me, because I have no legs, and doors are an issue. It’s an excellent place for my care.”

Elaine R.

“Everyone has been super professional.”

Paula K.

“Very happy with APS!”

Jeff C.

“I’ve been very happy with my doctors and staff at APS.”

Tiff B.

“Everything is great friendly staff and love my provider.”

Sherry W.

“All staff members are helpful and friendly.”

Daphne D.

“I love my doctors and nurses here. They are all wonderful. Even the receptionists are very nice and professional. I recommend this office to anyone that wants a very professional and caring group of doctors, nurses and other staff.”

Jan C.

“Love everyone at APS they’re so nice and professional and treat you like a person”

Larry P.

“Everyone that works here is very nice.”

Mike T.

“Staff listens and is fast acting. Every visit has been fantastic.”

Bradley P.

“Great staff Michael Gilmore is good and Jennifer Stacey is an awesome Apn and she is really smart and professional every visit”

Roy H.

“Polite knowledgeable courteous staff Wait time is under control now making it a pleasurable and quick procedure.”

Elsie C.

“I have had a really good experience. I feel everyone really cares about my welfare and health condition. I feel comfortable with my doctors..”

Greg C.

“The staff was friendly, prompt and professional.”


” Everyone I met at APS were all very kind ,understanding, and helpful. Definitely glad I am a patient at such a great place.”

Mitchell R.

. “Everyone is always very helpful.”

Monica B.

“She’s the best.”

Deborah C.

“Have continually been treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism by the front end staff, nurses and my doctor.”

Mark P.

“I would recommend Associated Pain Associates to anyone needing help with treatment of all pain and nerve problems!!!”

Darlene C.

“I really like all the staff at the office.”

Keisha B.

“I have seen Jennifer for over a year now and she is amazing. She is kind and understanding. The whole staff is great. Because of Jennifer I’m able to work my full time job and play with my grandkids..”

Margaret H.

“Everyone is really nice and helpful.”

Bandelyn M.

“Love you all! Thank you APS 😃”

Eddie T.

“Very satisfied with the staff!”

Matt G.

“Good friendly staff. Hoping that the pain will be down to where I can tolerate it. I’ve been in pain for years.”

Ron S.

“Good! Everyone was Professional and Helpful!”

Nancy B.

“Compassionate and understanding medical dr that understands my pain. Front desk and staff are very nice. The radio frequency ablation on my neck and back have improved my pain and range of motion.”

Linda M.

“Very courteous, and concerned with the issues on hand and very propped.”

Anne P.

“Very satisfied with my care at APS.”

Lisa C.

“I have al ot of problems. I have had neck fusion and SI joint fusion and now have a disc put in lower back. Now planter fastic in foot and nuro told me couple of weeks ago I have fibromyalgia and said they know that I’m in alot of pain and to go to pain management i

I found APS and f I didn’t have this kind of place I don’t know what I would do. 

I have been taking pain meds since 2004 but right now it’s at the point I think I have so much pain that the meds only last 2-3 hrs but I love the people the work with you and the treatment I’ve gotten.” 

Vickie E.

“I really appreciate all of the staff at APS. They are always available to help when I have a question, need to change an appointment, or any other situation that might come up. I am very comfortable with my care and I thank everyone involved.”

Paul M.

“They do everything possible to help me with my pain, I’m very grateful and blessed to have been referred to APS. Thank you for all the help.”

Patricia J.

“Everyone treats me well and they always ask if I have any questions before I leave. Thank you APS.”

Thompsie F.

“I could not ask for better medical care anywhere!!!”

Roger A.

“Great place. They make you feel comfortable.”

Teresa O.

“Love the people here. Always kind and helpful!!!”

Susan A.

“All the staff are very professional and helpful. Everyone is friendly and I feel safe in the office.”


“Excellent staff!”

David W.

“I’ve been a patient of yours for almost 6 years and I’ve always felt comfortable with the staff and doctors at APS.”

Pam S.

“Since your office has moved to the new site things seem to move a bit faster. I am glad for that..”

Randy A.

“Pleasant and courteous staff.”

Cathy H.

“I have been a patient at APS for a few years and I  have to say without their care I would not be able to have the quality of life I have now.Thank you all very much.”

Elizabeth S.

” Thank you so much for everything you do APS.”

Robert L.

“Very friendly and they take time and listen to you.hard working people.i am glad to be here.”

Jonathan R.

“Thank you APS.”

Delores R.

“I am always treated with kindness and respect at APS. They are always kind, caring and respectful to me. I would recommend this place to my family and friends.”

Linda M.

“Love my provider and caregivers – I’m very confident in my treatment plan and am happy with everything that goes on during my visit.”

Tina A.

“I appreciate that my provider listens to all of my concerns and addresses them.”

Virginia J.

“I really like Dr. Jennifer Stacy she’s a good doctor I would love to continue seeing her as long as I could she is so sweet and caring person.”

Teresa O.

“Great treatment.”

Jason C.

“I appreciate the understanding and concerns of my health issues from APS.”

Betty M.

“APS is by far the best place to get medical care for pain related problems. I have great Doctors and staff who care about ME and my problems. Thankful for my çare team and my treatment regime.”

Randy M.

“Excellent staff at APS. Very caring and professional.”

Brandi G.

“I simply love the fact that Michaela (my provider) calls to check up on me after every shot. She is top notch!! Always professional and always a pleasure to be around.”

Warren P.

“Matthew, my provider, seems to actually care about my issues and has come up with a plan to treat it. Thank you to everyone in the office.”

Sharon Z.

“Jennifer Stacy and the staff at Associated Pain are very professional, friendly, and helpful. They always take the time to be sure all my questions are answered. I am disabled with a 90% loss of hearing. Everyone, especially Jennifer, makes sure that I have heard and understand all communication. I really appreciate the time and care they take to see that all my needs are met..”

Donna S.

“Very good experience all around.”

Esther B.

“Where there to long but Dr Odell procedure was successful he was very nice.”

Deborah T.

“Thank you APS for the care that I am given!”

Kimberly N.

“Everyone is very kind & friendly. That makes such a big difference. Thank you.”

Elizabeth R.

“Saw my provider, Lindsey for the first time and she was very nice. The nurse that did my urine test was really sweet and nice to me. Full of personality and kindness.”


“Everyone was excellent and took very good care of me.”

Pepper H.

“Listens to what I’m saying. Answers my questions and concerns..”

Alisha O.

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my treatment at APS.”

Mary N.

“The injections I’ve gotten here have helped my pain a lot. The doctor was very professional, as were his assistants. I liked the way they called the next day to see how I was doing. Thanks APS!”

Robert M.

“Great patient care here.”

Dana M.

“The staff is always nice and helpful. They listen and also explain everything during your visit and procedures.”

Brandea M.

“Always courteous and friendly. Would recommend this clinic.”

Riley T.

“Very informative and helpful.”

Andrew L.

“This is the most professional and helpful clinic I have been to. Everyone is so helpful and nice every visit I have been to!”

Amber F.

“Appreciate you!”

Rachel L.

“I am very pleased with the staff and my provider. They are friendly, understanding, and show concern for my medical issues.”

Troy S.

“As I make more visits here, I’m more and more comfortable with the staff. I feel all my needs are met here at APS. I got to have a lengthy discussion with Matthew Grimm APN about my upcoming surgery.”

Victoria V.

“They pay close attention to detail and have great bedside manner..”


“The nurse was very professional, and explained the procedure she would be doing. Did a great job.

Marie G.

“I have found that all personnel here are compassionate, professional, and exceptionally friendly. THANK YOU ALL”

Ryan H.

“Was very impressed with the service and staff here.”

Patrick S.

“The staff was excellent and treated me like a family member”

Susan M.

“Jennifer is always amazing and she really cares about any issues I may be experiencing. I always feel I can talk to her and she understands..”

Lisa C.

“I have a lot of problems. I had neck fusion, SI joint fusion, and 3 to 4 disc protrusion in my back now and plantar fasciitis and knee pain and all of my doctors told me to come here to APS.If it wasn’t for this place I don’t know what I I would do. I love the place”

Barbara H.

“Been patient for over a year and APS always takes care of me and are very professional and caring.”

James S.


Sheila M.

“I am a professional and just shy of having a Master’s Degree. I have chronic pain in my back, neck, and extremities and have had to live with it for 30 years. I didn’t want to seek help for my pain due to being labeled a drug addict. This happened to me several years ago at another facility and I quit. I will say that not once have I felt that I am being seen as seeking drugs with APS at all.”

Lisa V.

“This was my first time ever going to this type of doctor. So I was pleased with the results for this first time.”

Sheila P.

“I have always been treated with care and respect at APS.”

Belinda C.

“Thank you for doing what you are doing for me APS.”

Michael D.

“The front office girls & nurses taking information are always excellent.”

Carmen H.

“I’ve been a patient for 2 years. Customer service has improved radically. Lately, the longest wait time has been less than an hour, which is to be expected from so busy an office. The staff is very nice..”

Kerri K.

“Thank you so much APS.”