In the US, almost half of adults (46.4 %) will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.  (85%) of chronic pain sufferers are affected by severe depression. Here at Associated Pain Specialists, we care not only about your physical health, but your mental health, too.  At our practices, we utilize BRE (Behavioral Response Evaluation Program) to assess your emotional, mental, and behavioral well being.

Behavioral Response Evaluation Program (BRE) Q & A

What is the BRE program?

Optimal brain health is critical to your overall well being. The BRE Program only takes a few minutes and is covered by Medicare and most insurers. You simply answer various questions that will provide your doctor with specific information to assist in your overall treatment. The use of confidential assessments, such as BRE, gives your provider important brain health information.

How can early detection be helpful for me?

The onset of behavioral changes can be gradual and can go unnoticed. Life and its challenges are ever-changing, therefore, everyone needs to frequently re-evaluate brain health. Being respectful, well-liked, polite, and having a desire for a good life are all expressions of good brain health. Brain health can be impaired from many causes including: blood sugar imbalance, pain, side effects of pain medications, toxic exposure, allergies, emotional stress, hormonal changes, and more.

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